What Is The Family/Children Outreach Program?

Seventy-five percent of Men of Valor participants have children under the age of 18 �the "forgotten/innocent victims" of crime. These children and their mothers struggle with poverty, ruptured relationships, abandonment, anger, fear, residential instability, decrease in school performance, behavior problems, and social stigma. Most of these children have been neglected and many have been abused. The number one indicator of a person entering prison is having a father in prison. 70% of these children will go to prison!

Men of Valor’s Family/Children Outreach program aims to break this cycle by working with the families and the children of MOV participants during their incarceration and after their release. This program includes:

  • One-on-one mentoring for children
  • Age specific programming for kids aimed at providing hope & tools for future success
  • Partnerships with local summer camps & sports leagues
  • Fitness & nutritional training
  • Birthday & Christmas gift deliveries
  • Kids night out â€?giving mom a needed break!
  • One-on-one mentoring for moms
  • Help with budgeting and money management
  • Assistance with food, clothing, and housing needs
  • Marriage and parent training
  • Tutoring services
  • Group events encouraging peer-to-peer support
  • And assistance in maintaining contact with the father during imprisonment and working toward reconciliation after release.

MOV ministers to many families, including many, many children. This number continues to increase and we need your help!

Please pray about . . .

  • Adopting one of our families. You will meet once a month with the family and have the opportunity to pray, do bible study and mentor. You can also assist with money management skills, food and clothing distribution, and holiday deliveries.
  • Volunteer to mentor a child.
  • Volunteer to tutor a child to help him/her improve their school performance.
  • Attend group events and outings sponsored by MOV.

For more information on the Family/Children Outreach Program contact:

Tevin Peterson